Saurin Parikh


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Sr Technology Licensing Specialist @ UR Ventures (February 2024 - Present)
University of Rochester Medical Center

Graduate Researcher @ Carvunis Lab (August 2017 - December 2023)
Department of Computational & Systems Biology, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

Technology Fellow @ Coulter Translational Research Partners II Program (January 2017 - June 2017)
Department of Bioengineering, University of Pittsburgh Swanson School of Engineering


Ph.D. in Integrative Systems Biology (2023)

M.S. in Bioengineering (2018)

Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery (2014)


Programming Expertise

Subject Expertise

Medical Product Development


Wacholder, A., Parikh, S. B., Coelho, N. C., Acar, O., Houghton, C., Chou, L., & Carvunis, A.-R. (2023). A vast evolutionarily transient translatome contributes to phenotype and fitness. Cell Systems. (PDF)

Parikh, S. B.a, Van Oss, S. B.a, Castilho Coelho, N.a, Wacholder, A., Belashov, I., Zdancewicz, S., Michaca, M., Xu, J., Kang, Y. P., Ward, N. P., Yoon, S. J., McCourt, K. M., McKee, J., Ideker, T., VanDemark, A. P., DeNicola, G. M., & Carvunis, A.-R. (2022). On the illusion of auxotrophy: met15Δ yeast cells can grow on inorganic sulfur thanks to the previously uncharacterized homocysteine synthase Yll058w. The Journal of Biological Chemistry, 298(12), 102697. (PDF)
a these authors contributed equally

Parikh, S. B., Houghton, C., Van Oss, S. B., Wacholder, A., & Carvunis, A.-R. (2022). Origins, evolution, and physiological implications of de novo genes in yeast. Yeast, 39(9), 471–481. (PDF)

Parikh, S. B., Castilho Coelho, N., & Carvunis, A.-R. (2021). LI Detector: a framework for sensitive colony-based screens regardless of the distribution of fitness effects. G3 Genes|Genomes|Genetics, 11(2). (PDF)

Vakirlis, N., Acar, O., Hsu, B., Castilho Coelho, N., Van Oss, S. B., Wacholder, A., Medetgul-Ernar, K., Bowman, R. W., 2nd, Hines, C. P., Iannotta, J., Parikh, S. B., McLysaght, A., Camacho, C. J., O’Donnell, A. F., Ideker, T., & Carvunis, A. R. (2020). De novo emergence of adaptive membrane proteins from thymine-rich genomic sequences. Nature Communications, 11(1), 781. (PDF)

Widdowson, C., Ganhotra, J., Faizal, M., Wilko, M., Parikh, S., Adhami, Z., & Hernandez, M. E. (2016). Virtual reality applications in assessing the effect of anxiety on sensorimotor integration in human postural control. 2016 38th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC), 33–36. (PDF)